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Welcome to Grandview Livestock

In Eastern Kansas the best ground is farmed and much of the pasture land is less than marginal in fertility.


The brush and weeds soon take over most pastures without constant inputs of time and money to control them.  After several dry years pasture grasses were depleted and the brush problems were worse than ever. 

That was when we decided to get into the meat goat business.  No matter how dry it gets weeds and brush always grow.

Goats are better and more economical than herbicides in controlling weeds on your farm or ranch. If you are looking for Kiko, Spanish goats or hard working commercial goats,  give us a call. We are conveniently located in Kansas near Oklahoma and Missouri.

We also have livestock guardian dogs for sale.

Our Goal

Our goal is to produce commercial goats that can be managed much like a cattle herd, kidding on open range with little or no shelter, bringing home offspring every year on minimal inputs of labor and feed.

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